Stuff yourself with schnitzel tonight night at Pork Slope

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This is what they do on a regular day there. Think about them being fancy now. via Facebook

We’ll say this for the folks over at Pork Slope: they’ve got the bar food game on lock with the porky melt alone. Just talking about it makes us want to leave the computer and all of our blogsponsibilties behind to just go eat one right now, actually. And yet tonight, following in the footsteps of their crab boil, Pork Slope is upping the ante on their food again, with a $20 plate of fancy bar food, plus a beer and a shot. All you need to do is show up and eat.

A ticket to the Bar Food Blowout will get you a plate full of Buffalo pig tails, a kielbasa hero (topped with sauerkraut, stewed onions and beer mustard) a bunch of pickles and nacho cheese-charrones, all of which springs from the capable brain of CraftBar’s Lauren Hirschberg. Vegetarians, they’ve got your back with a bar pie made of flatbread, Fontina, Maitake and Confit Leek, while vegans…well, the name of the place is Pork Slope, you two are kind of natural enemies.

Oh, and don’t worry about washing it all down, you also get yourself a Slippery Slope beer and shot special, which is made up of a Brooklyn Brewery beer and a shot of Powers whiskey. And to think, given all the good you’re getting, they could have just skimped out and served you Evan Williams. We knew there was a reason we loved it here.

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