Bars We Love: You’ll be happier than a pig in…mud at Pork Slope!

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Pork Slope
247 Fifth Ave (Carroll & Garfield)
Park Slope

What is it: A new edition to Park Slope, this bar/restaurant comes from the owners of Talde and Thistle Hill Tavern with a down-home classic barbecue menu that does not shy away from its titular protein.

Why we love it: What’s not to love? Aside from the fantastic take on bar food, Pork Slope embraces the feel of the Double Deuce from Road House, without the throat-ripping and barbaric brawls. With TVs scattered around the bar and a pool table, Pork Slope is a great place for any game day, or to work on a plate of “redneck nachos” with a friend and some beers.

Who to bring: Your omnivore friends, obviously. While Pork Slope does cater to those who eschew meat, it’s definitely most appreciated by those who don’t mind tucking into something that was once alive, and is now smothered in cheese, sauce, or both. This is not a high-maintenance date locale, for sure.

What to order: So far everything we’ve tried there has been fantastic, but go for the Mother Porker, which adds crispy fried onion strings, an  over-easy fried egg, bacon, and jalephenos to the signature pork melt sandwich. If you still don’t see it on the menu at your table, check out the wall menu, where it’s taped up, complete with illustrations. Then see your doctor for an immediate checkup.

Pork Slope fun fact: Top Chef fans probably already know this, but Pork Slope is owned in part by Chef-testant Dale Talde, who also designed the menu and has occasionally been spotted slugging a beer at the bar.

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