String instruments 101, better late than never

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Photo by Jamil Soni Neto

Missed your chance to dazzle as a 6-year-old violin prodigy? Always wanted to cradle that cello between your legs and be mistaken for Yo-Yo? For many an adult classical music enthusiast, the missed chance(s) to actually play the music they love ends up a life-long regret. This Saturday, Dec. 5, the New York Late-Starters String Orchestra (NYLSO) is holding an interactive evening workshop for anyone, age 18 to infinity, to come and try out a string instrument in the friendly presence of other like-minded aspiring musicians. Eat desserts, sip wine and try your hands at the violin, viola or cello. The workshop is from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Greenwich House Music School (46 Barrow St., Manhattan). Yes we know it’s not in Brooklyn, but this sounds too cool for quibbling over little things like which borough it’s in. Admission is $30, which includes instrument, instruction, music and the wine. Preregistration is required, so contact NYLSO here. The group also holds weekly rehearsals and low-stress concerts, if you’re ready to continue on your belated path to the New York Phil.


  1. You say “try out a string instrument.” Do we know whether you have to bring your own instrument, or will loaners be available?

  2. I tried opening your address on line and can not get through. Please send me contact and address information. I am interested in joing the December 5th concert.

    Thank you

  3. I have just finished the article in Listen magazine. How lucky you all are to have such a great group to play with.  I just KNOW that the lovely lady foremost in the picture on page 16 is Rae Anne whom I met at Summerkeys “band camp” several years ago.  I’ve forgotten her surname and cannot find my people list from our time in Lubec.  Please, will you tell her that I would love to hear from her via email or phone.  Carol-Ann Black, [email protected] or 904 221 2642.   Thank you if you can make this contact for me and thank you in any case.  Carol-Ann

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