Steve Buscemi interviewed Chris Rock at Greenpoint’s Palace Cafe

park bench steve buscemi
Just a totally normal day at the Palace Cafe, where regular folks hang out.

What do famous people do in New York City when they’re not attending secret rich person meetings where they decide how to divide up the world’s wealth? At least two have decided they want to host talk shows, network preferences be damned, as famous guy Steve Buscemi started his own show, Park Bench with Steve Buscemi,¬†following in the footsteps of his famous guy pal Kevin Corrigan. For the first episode, Buscemi hung out in the Palace Cafe, just shooting the shit like any famous person does, before being rudely interrupted by Chris Rock. Which is also just a thing that happens every day at small Greenpoint bars, come on what’s the big deal here.

Actually, maybe The Palace¬†is a secret Greenpoint celebrity hot spot, considering that Greta Gerwig said it was her favorite bar in Brooklyn. As for the show itself, it’s a kind of meta talk show about talk shows, with half of the episode consisting of Buscemi and Rock talking about the plan for the talk show. Then things move outside to McCarren Park, where Buscemi interviews Anthony Laciura.

The trailer for the show, which has six episodes of Buscemi interviewing celebrities on a park bench, is right up there. Keep an eye out for one more character actor running their own talk show in Brooklyn. Once there are three, someone can write a trend piece.


  1. My only hope is that this place doesn’t get infected with grumpy, ego-centric, “start-up” patrons. Can we please keep the old, grumpy, drunk people instead? Thanks.

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