Start your own Mellow Pages with these 1000 free books in Midwood

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You’ve always wanted a library

We know, we know: we said not to trust librarians or libraries after the bitter truth about #mellowghazi came out. But maybe you can be a different kind of librarian, a better librarian. You’ve got a perfect opportunity to find out if you can, because someone in Midwood is giving away one thousand (1,000) books this afternoon to whoever shows up and takes them. Time to start thinking of what you’ll call your new spot. Relaxed Leaves, maybe?

So OK, the books aren’t from small presses or independent publishers, and some of them are journals and medical books . But that could keep you from falling into the same dire financial straits as Mellow Pages did, because you can charge medical students to take the books out and blackmail people to not release the contents of the journals. Plus, whoever wrote the ad promises “lots of value,” so who knows, maybe there’s money stuffed in some of the books.

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