Star Trek trivia trouble at Trash Bar tonight

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This guy knows what we’re talking about

Star Trek, through a combination of George Lucas’ missteps, JJ Abrams’ reboot and Patrick Stewart’s Brooklyn phase, is getting a kind of public acceptance nerdy Trekkies in the 80s could have only dreamed of. And with almost fifty years of history composed of six TV series and twelve movies, Lord knows there’s plenty of useless crap for people to have learned watching Star Trek. So why not put it to use tonight by competing for free alcohol at the Trash Bar’s Final Frontier: Star Trek Trivia tonight?
The trivia, which is free, will consist of two games, with four rounds each, consisting of questions about Kirk, Picard, Janeway and whoever it was that Scott Bakula played in Enterprise. Even if you’re not a Trekkie, according to the trivia description, you’re welcome to come down, since there will also be questions about general nerd-ery consisting of sci-fi, technology and other pop culture phenomenons. But we imagine most of the questions will be Star Trek related.

What do you win if you manage to show you’re the biggest nerd at the bar? $20 worth of “synthohol,” which we’re just gonna go ahead and call a $20 bar tab. But man, these guys really go for it. It starts at 7:30pm tonight, and just remember that Star Wars is better.

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  1. Thanks for sharing our trivia night on the blog! Hopefully even Star Wars fans will have fun answering questions about science and pop culture, but Trekkies will no be disappointed tonight. We’ve actually hosted a couple Star Wars trivia nights in the past (among other geeky themes(, as part of Trash Bar’s weekly trivia series.

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