A comprehensive list of every Puerto Rico donation site in Brooklyn

With so many natural tragedies of late, knowing how to help can feel overwhelming, and it often ends up being much easier to watch your newsfeed fill up with the worst possible headlines as you simply look on in horror. For many though, those horror headlines are now a daily reality, and even if you don’t have much time or money to give, be sure to check out this comprehensive Google Doc of all the donation drop off points benefitting Puerto Rico in Brooklyn – certainly there’s something you can spare for the cause.

While FDNY and EMS stations are only accepting a limited number of unopened items (diapers, baby food, batteries, first aid supplies and feminine hygiene products) other drop off points are seeking a far larger number of items, including non-perishables, candles, radios, mosquito repellant and a whole lot more. There are drop off points across the borough, from Cypress Hills to Dyker Heights and everywhere in between.

The list focuses on Puerto Rican and Mexican-owned businesses as well as individual efforts. In addition to Brooklyn drop off points it also includes ways you can help online as well as drop off points in other boroughs.

Know of a drop off point the compilers missed? The Google Doc is editable via comments, or you can email [email protected]. Now go spread some love – it’s the Brooklyn way.

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  1. h soto

    you are missing one of the biggest relief efforts in Brooklyn. El Grito of Sunset Park at 4906 4th avenue. this ist doesn’t even come close to all the sites in Brooklyn.

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