Sponsored: A Single Dinner At Per Se Costs 5x More Than A Year Of Renter’s Insurance

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1. At $5 The Cronut Costs 12x More Than A Day Of Renter’s Insurance

I got a cronut postcard
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2. At $8 The Ramen Burger Costs 3x More Than A Week Of Renter’s Insurance

Ramen Burger-Smorgasburg

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3. At $53 Tuthilltown Baby Bourbon Whiskey Costs 4x More Than A Month Of Renter’s Insurance


4. At $150 Omakase At Nakazawa Costs 5x More Than Three Months Of Renter’s Insurance

Nakazawa Sushi
Photo by Han C. on Yelp

5. At $635 A Dinner At Per Se Costs Up To 5x More Than A Year Of Renter’s Insurance

Per Se
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While your building itself is protected by the landlord’s insurance, your belongings aren’t. Renter’s insurance can protect against loss from fire, theft, certain types of storm damage, and other unexpected events.

You can request a free insurance quote from Gotham Insurance. Renter’s insurance rates start at around $125 per year, and condo and co-op insurance start at around $260. Get in contact with Gotham by emailing [email protected] or calling (212) 406-7300.