Spectacle Theater has an Ebolasploitation movie for just five bucks tonight

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This should be a meditative, not-at-all panic-driven approach to the disease

It’s more or less receded to the background (in New York, anyway, we should quickly point out), but maybe you’re one of those people who are still fascinated by Ebola. Or you’re terrified of it and have been walking around in a hazmat suit for like a month. Either way, if you can’t get enough of Ebola, 1996 called and they’ve got the perfect movie for you. Nope, not Outbreak (that was ’95), we’re talking Ebola exploitation movie Ebola Syndrome, which is infecting the screen at Spectacle Theater (124 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg) tonight.

From Spectacle’s description of it, Ebola Syndrome sounds like the kind of exploitative trash that even Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth would have trouble using as inspiration, but maybe it’s the kind of thing for you because it’s Friday and you’re feeling gross. The movie follows the story of one Kai, who after going on a murderous rampage, escapes to Africa and contracts Ebola. Fortunately for him, he’s somehow immune to the effects of the virus and decides to start spreading it, because he’s an awful person. Also he starts serving up people as food, a la Sweeney Todd, but we imagine there’s less singing involved.

Spectacle has made clear how utterly low this movie sinks, even going so far as to provide a trigger warning in their description of it, so if you go see it and throw up on your date, don’t come crying to us about that. Or about how your date hates you now. Really, we think you should consider why you went on a date to a movie called Ebola Syndrome without being 100% sure your date would be into it.

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