Spaghetti-woah: All-you-can-eat benefit for the Sandy Relief Kitchen, this Sunday

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Delicious, and charitable. Great, sign us up. Via Flickr user Chandra Marsono

Food! Do you like it? Haha, of course you do! What’s the only problem with it? Yep, that’s right, eventually you eat al of it and it’s gone. Yet you still want more. On occasion there are ways around this problem though, and this weekend is one of those occasions: an all-night spaghetti buffet bash that benefits the Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen. Food and charity? Hell freaking yes.

You guys remember the Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen, right? They were looking for some help a little while ago. If you aren’t able to head down there and prep meals, you can still help by heading to their benefit dinner on Sunday. There, for a mere $20, you’ll be able to eat until you hate yourself and listen to a full lineup of musicians, from traditional Irish music to soulful jazz. But if we might make a suggestion: digest a little before you try to start dancing. You don’t want to feel gross while trying to enjoy yourself.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen Fundraiser, Old First Reformed Church (729 Carroll Street, Park Slope), Sunday March 24, 5pm – 10pm, $20

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