It’s South 4th Bar’s 8th birthday tonight, but they’re giving you the gift of free beer

south 4th bar
Celebrate with these goofs. via Facebook

Given how suddenly difficult it’s become to keep any fun places in Williamsburg open, we should be holding on to the places that are left as tight as we can. One of these spots? The South 4th Bar, which we love for many reasons, chief among them being that they are among the most welcoming neighborhood bars we can think of. Tonight’s an especially good night to experience South 4th’s friendly welcome, because they’re celebrating their 8th birthday with a party where you get free beer.

Why are they being so nice with the free beer? Probably because lasting eight years in modern Williamsburg is like lasting 100 anywhere else. So, from 7pm to 9pm, enjoy free Sam Adams and Modelo, because South 4th is friendly and won’t just pawn off something cheap on you like Bud Light. What can we say, charity like that is one of the main reasons South 4th is such a beloved neighborhood institution. That being said, the beer is free either until 9pm or the kegs run out, do don’t be a Johnny Come Lately.

Anyway, why do that, when you could party in the friendly confines of the South 4th Bar? Even if you do miss the free beer, stop on by and sing your damn heart out, because the Kings of Karaoke will be on the scene with free karaoke from 9pm to 1am. In honor of the free beer, we suggest singing something thankful like “Celebrate” by Sly and the Family Stone.

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