A night at the Richard Meier building for $10

Picture 2When we heard that Momasphere was hosting an Amy Sohn reading at the Richard Meier building tonight, our ears perked up. Inside the building? How does that work, exactly? A look around the place is easily worth $10 (advance ticket price) because then you can sound like a real swell at cocktail parties telling everyone what it’s really like inside, and all about that couple on the fifth floor who… okay never mind them. Here’s the story on the shindig tonight from Momasphere’s Ellen Bari, who also happens to be a Brokelyn travel writer:

After reading Amy’s book, we really wanted to do the book party either on Prospect Park West or a location close enough so that you could see it and feel it. As we passed the Richard Meier building one day it seemed like the ideal spot to experience Park Slope. Standing at the apartment’s windows or on the balcony, the view overlooks a ton of landmarks mentioned in the book.

We’ll be in one of the larger apartments that I believe has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It’s really quite beautiful and fun to get the view from the inside out, especially for those of us in the ‘hood who watched the building go up. Richard Meier on Prospect Park does not host open houses. People generally make appointments for individual viewings. To my knowledge ours is the first such event in the building.

So this all sounds… really fun. Plus there are mad giveaways: massages, lingerie gift certificates, a $548 Sonia bag from Hayden Harnett and free wine from Sip. In your excitement, try not to spill any on the white Barcelona chairs.

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