Skip the NYC Marathon for this free Greenpoint pinball marathon

sunshine laundry
Sunshine Laundry, just a totally normal place to get your clothes dry cleaned and play pinball. via Facebook

This Sunday, as we all know, is the New York City Marathon. If you’re not partaking in the 26.1 miles of terror (and why would you?) or don’t know someone who is, this doesn’t mean much to you. But because it’s such a great news peg, Greenpoint’s Sunshine Laundry (860 Manhattan Avenue) is having a marathon of their own. Not a washing marathon, but a pinball marathon. And the pinball is free.

Yes you read that right, a free Greenpoint pinball marathon, starting from 10:30am on Sunday all the way until the last marathon runner stumbles past their front window sometime in the afternoon. Finally, you can try all those risky pinball maneuvers that require you to hit the ball with the very tip of the flipper, without losing any money.

Turns out that Sunshine is well-known in the silvery pinball world, and why wouldn’t it be? They’ve got twelve machines that rotate through, which beats the usual laundromat distraction of learning that you’re still not missing anything in not owning a TV.

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