Go for the skiing, stay for the open bar with The Diamond

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As hard as it is to bike up that stupid hill in Prospect Park, it’s not quite high enough for great skiing. Places like the Catskills are a little better for that, but the MTA still hasn’t extended the L to Delaware County, NY. First fare hikes, now this snub. Fortunately, The Diamond is reaffirming its bars we love status by hosting its third annual ski trip to Plattekill Mountain with an after-party back in Greenpoint on Saturday, January 25.  For $45 you get a lift ticket and an equally important open bar at The Diamond (43 Franklin St) from 8-10pm. They’re looking to set up people with cars with those who need rides, so if you have a spacious Mystery Machine or are looking to hitch a ride in one let [email protected] know. Now would be the time to start forming the snow-themed playlist and snacks that will blow away all your new friends.

On top of the skiing and open bar, there’s a mac n’ cheese cookoff at the after party upon return, so if you want to get some culinary aggression out, be sure to sign up. Pasta domination is one of the best methods we can think of to restore your good name after faceplanting on the bunny slope, so email Dave if you’re interested in entering.

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