Single people: Bring out your friends this Sunday at Littlefield

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Hey, if a blind date got these two together, something more complicated could work for you.

You guys have single friends? Do they whine and moan about being forever alone and how they really want to meet somebody but can’t seem to? In a proposition that is equal parts hopeful, horrifying, and highly entertaining, Jo Firestone, the brains behind Punderdome, has come up with a novel way to play Cupid: having you represent your single friends, to the best of your ability, in a dating game-like show.

Taking place this Sunday at Littlefield, Friends of Single People is styled after the TV dating games of yore, wherein you have to suss out through Q and A if someone is at least a decent dinner mate. But in Firestone’s rendition, the questioner is not the singleton, but his or her closest pal. So, for that matter, are the people answering the questions, who will be up there representing their friends. If the friends are compatible, their single counterparts are revealed, in what shouldn’t be an awkward moment at all.

But what if your bestie deems you an ill-fit with all of the other contestants? Summer Romance may not be on tap, but you do get $4 pints.

Friends of Single People, Sunday, July 14, 8pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Gowanus, $5

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