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Show up to work relaxed, for once, with $10 pop up yoga classes this week

pop up yoga
It’s this, or holding a cup of coffee so hard it might burst in your hand. via Facebook

We don’t really understand where people get the time early in the morning for stuff like this. First, there are early-morning sober weekday raves in Williamsburg. Now, Pop Up Yoga is offering $10 yoga classes at 7am in Manhattan this week, so that you can show up at work in a good mood without having to rely on fantasies about kicking your boss out a window or hot sex on the copy machine. We mean, still think about that, you’ll need something to get you through the afternoon.

The yoga, which again, is at seven in the freaking morning, will be offered from May 20 to May 26, with each class taking an hour. They’re from Pop Up Yoga, the people who brought you the “Yoga + Singles night,” so props to them for remaining imaginative. The classes are being held in place art studio The Allies (37 1st Avenue), so you can also look at nice paintings and pictures while you yoga, in case you’re bad at the whole “clearing your mind” thing.

We suppose as long as you have to drag your ass to Manhattan for work anyway, some of you might have the energy or the compulsion to get there even earlier to take advantage of this, so there you go. There’s also a mid-morning option from 10am to 11am, but we don’t know what kind of excuse you use to duck out of work for an hour to do yoga. “Sorry Bill, can’t make that morning meeting, I’ve gotta go to the Lower East Side to gt my chakra in order,” sounds like a thing a person says just before they’re fired.

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