Bendy elbows: Free pop up yoga/open bar/singles event next week

We call this pose, "Rising Rents." via Pop Up Yoga NYC
We call this pose, “Rising Rents.” via Pop Up Yoga NYC

Life out there in the big mean world is hectic and stressful. Especially if on top of ¬†your job and rent and tyrannical cats, you’re also single, and spending your night looks for someone who will love you through the occasional panic attack and, failing that, at least have sex with you and seem to be into it. So why not melt all of that stress away with one fell swoop at a free yoga/open bar for singles next week?

Yes that’s right: not only do you get to do some free yoga (in a bar), but right after the yoga you can slow things down even more with free alcohol, and you’ll be surrounded by single people the entire time. It all goes down next Thursday at Larry Lawrence (295 Grand Street, Williamsburg), starting at 7pm with an hour of free yoga, before unleashing everyone’s raging hormones at each other during a two hour open bar from 8pm to 10pm. After that, well, it’s your journey.

If you want to go to this, and you’d probably want to for the open bar alone, make sure you RSVP to RSVP [at] popupyoga-nyc.com. Things not to say while you’re doing this include “Oh cool, now that we know what we look like all sweaty in public, let’s get all sweaty at my apartment” and “Those see through yoga pants make your butt look really nice. I’m Dave, by the way.” Also guys, remember, don’t be a coward and skip this because you’re afraid of failure.

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