See shark happen at the South 4th Bar’s ‘Sharknado 2’ viewing party

sharknado the second one
Gonna be honest…this is only like the third or fourth weirdest thing we’ve ever seen on the streets around here.

Caught up in the Sharknado epidemic? We are too, and the only thing that’s better than watching an awesomely bad movie is watching an awesomely bad movie while drinking with a group of strangers who share that appreciation with you. Especially an awesomely bad movie in which tornadoes hurl gigantic sharks around a major metropolitan area in an insane and frightful frenzy. This edition of Sharknado is extra-special, because in Sharknado 2: The Second One, all shark/tornado hell breaks loose in Manhattan! Yet another reason why Brooklyn is the better borough.

Know your Sharknado evacuation zone! Head down to the South 4th Bar & Cafe (90 South 4th Street) for a viewing party of Sharknado 2: The Second One! This is one movie you won’t get scolded for talking over.

Tonight, South 4 Bar & Cafe will serve $5 Sharkaritas and $5 Harpoon UFO Drafts and will start playing the highly anticipated sequel to Sharknado at 9pm.  Although a disclaimer on the website forewarns that the staff is not responsible for any Sharknado attacks, it looks like you will just have to take your chances. I’m not sure if these Sharknados are a result of global warming, or maybe just God punishing us because of our hedonistic behavior, but either way you should be prepared, and try to learn something from the movie.

Hey, what could you possibly have to do that’s better than watching a bunch of giant sharks terrorize Manhattan? Get down to South 4th and join in on the insanity, because hey, shark happens!

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