Shakespeare’s Star Wars, and 12 other ways to put the free back in freedom this week

We have a feeling a lot of folks die in the end.

1. Hear how storytelling and immigration reform go together with artists at the Brooklyn Public Library. (Monday)

2. Supercollider screens Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. Learn from history so that we don’t end up repeating it. (Monday)

3. Float away at Coney Island with a screening of Gravity. (Monday)

4. Unsheath thy lightsabers, for the Jedi Doth Return to WORD for a Shakespeare’s Star Wars launch party. (Tuesday)

5. Catch Saturday Night Fever on a Tuesday, because the 70s were just that unconventional. (Tuesday)

6. See standup that’ll remind you you’re doing it all wrong at Everything We Are Doing Is Bad. (Tuesday)

7. Birthdays are the best, especially at the East River Bar, where the celebration involves water guns and plenty of DJs. (Wednesday)

8. Learn salsa rueda and dance to Cuban Son with the Brooklyn Library Plaza Swing Series. (Wednesday)

9. Celebrate America with some aggressively patriotic comedy at Camp. (Wednesday)

10. Babeland’s Red, White and Bubbly Happy Hour is all about that whole right to pursue happiness thing. (Thursday)

11. American history meets punk rock at Piper Theatre’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. (Thursday)

12. Finally, the fireworks have come back to the East River. Here are the best places to get a look at them (Friday)

13. Freedom can be free if you check out the many free things in our 4th of July guide. (Friday)

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