Lego engineer and six other non-traditional NYC jobs available now

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Can you build this out of Legos? via Sodahead

Attention marginally employed and/or those of us who can’t tolerate the florescent lights of cube life: here are some of the coolest, untraditional jobs available in Manhattan and Brooklyn right now.

Lego Engineering Instructor
Don’t let “engineer” fool you. As a Lego Engineering Instructor, you’d be travelling to schools throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan teaching kids to play with Legos. Cool!

Director, Comedy Central Fan Engagement
This gig entails acting as a liaison between the network and its fans. Essentially, getting paid to tweet about comedy! Note: according to the posting, you must have a great sense of humor, “literally and figuratively,” whatever that means. The bland need not apply.

Copywriter, UPROAR!
As a copy writer for a company that markets kids products, you’d get to play with toys and eat candy on company time in order to think like the under 10 set. The ad sounds so engaging– “.. Every day at UPROAR! is ‘Bring Your Inner Kid to Work’ Day.”

Art Handler, Brooklyn Museum
For those looking to touch famous art without getting arrested Brooklyn Museum is looking for an art handler. Just don’t have really dirty hands when you go in for your interview.

Associate Sports Trends Editor
HuffPo is looking to give you a high five, football fan! Especially if you can create viral sports content easier than you can breathe.

Associate Editor
SheFinds Media is looking for someone with one to three years of blogging experience to spot trends before the competition does. Sounds cutthroat, but we guess that’s just the world of fashion.

If all else fails, you could always be on a reality show. True Life  is casting young entrepreneurs who are starting businesses with friends and “the stress is already putting a strain on your relationships and causing major drama.” Who needs dignity, anyway?

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