Settle Catan and 9 other ways to spend the weekend

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Unleash your nerd beast at Launchpad and dominate Catan. via Mashable

1. It’s a vintage cartoon carnival! Maybe they’ll show “Crazy Town,” we love that one (Friday)

2. It’s game night at Brooklyn Launchpad, and you know it’s serious when Settlers of Catan is listed in the “medium-length” games and not the long ones (Friday)

3. Engage in the enjoyment of comedy, for science! (Friday)

4. Head to Nitehawk and learn what it took to be a repo man in LA in the 80s. Mostly it meant putting up with Harry Dean Stanton (Friday)

5. The Idiotarod is here, have you signed up yet? (Saturday)

6. Can’t actually run the Idiotaord? Surely you can drink at the afterparty, which sounds suitably insane (Saturday)

7. Check out the art that tattoo artists do when they aren’t putting it on people’s bodies (Saturday)

8. Freddy’s is showing a couple movies about being drunk and high. And no, it’s not just footage of us from the preceding two days (Sunday)

9. Join a Bob Ross-inspired painting group. Because all of our lives could use a few more happy little trees (Sunday)

10. It’s a reading series called “Death Panel,” so we’re assuming the worst reader (as determined by vote) gets killed. We’re just guessing here though (Sunday)

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