There are ‘No Catcall Zones’ around the city now

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Please don’t make us call upon our cat army. via Feminist Apparel

Catcalls are some bullshit. In addition to slandering cats, it should be pretty common sense that women (and unamused people of all unamused genders) aren’t into being yelled at from cars. Yet here we are, needing to give “how to be a person lessons” and remind slimy dudes out there that nope, sorry, street harassment still isn’t cool. The folks at Feminist Apparel launched a campaign for the most basic of this city’s citizenry this weekend by creating No Catcall Zones around with signs like the above one.


So far they have 50 signs up around Prospect Park and the Barclay’s Center and in Manhattan, along with stickers with the same designs. The project is part of Anti-Street Harassment Week and is in collaboration with Philadelphia’s guerrilla feminist collective Pussy Division.


You can reclaim the streets and help cats reclaim their good names by following the hashtag #CatsAgainstCatcalls, where people have been posting photos of the signs as they pop up. And remember sad losers of the world, our name isn’t Sexy, or Mami, or your weak attempt at a whistle.




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  1. Street harassment is a largely cultural issue, but you won’t hear anyone talking about that because they’re afraid of sounding racist.

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