Send e-waste back to its maker for free!

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No longer will you have to wait for those semi-annual E-waste roundups to dump your old click-wheel iPod or busted college-era microwave: as of April 1, all manufacturers such as Apple or Sony must take back your old electronics for recycling at no cost or hassle to you. The goal is to cut down on the 3.2 million tons of waste the country produces annually, 72 percent of which ends up thrown in New York’s already crowded landfills. Manufacturers registered through the Department of Environmental Conservation with information on where you can send/drop off your old machines for free. Get used to it, because by 2015, it’ll be illegal to throw electronics in with the regular trash. And just in case you’re a Luddite who stumbled upon this post, Brokelyn’s got you covered too.

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  1. This is great – one question though. I have a bunch of old clothes that aren’t appropriate to donate (stained, ripped etc), much of it is natural fiber (e.g., cotton). Is there a place to recycle cloth? I don’t want to just chuck it in the trash…


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