Where in New York to see soccer live, to soothe your World Cup fever

new york red bulls
The kicking is done in Brazil, but you can still catch some live, like the Red Bulls, in New York, or nearby. via Facebook

Well, it’s over with. Germany has thoroughly beaten Argentina, taken home the World Cup, and has painted literally everything they could get their hands on in Brazil black, orange, and red. One may find, however, that they are left with an odd feeling now that the games are over. No, not the violent hangover from the beer-fueled victory tour over at Radegast, something different and new: the urge to watch soccer. Not only that, but they may find themselves envious of all the people in Brazil who got to scream and cry and gloat while watching the game in person, and if you’re one of those people, then you’re in luck, because there are a few places to catch a decent round of futbol around here, and the options are multiplying all the time.

1. Red Bulls – Red Bulls Stadium, Harrison, NJ, tickets $25-$200

Obviously the most famous name in the New York soccer scene is also that of its favorite vodka mixer: The Red Bulls. This is our pro team, and the only chance you’ll get to root for any team in the MLS. However, the stadium is also buried deep inside of Jersey, so be prepared for some discreet tailgating on the PATH train on your way over. Yes, the stadium is hidden off in N. J., but if you’re not convinced the Red Bulls are a New York team, simply check out the $13 beers, which counteract the frequent discounts being given on the already cheap tickets. There’s also a supporters section, the South Ward, you can volunteer for that’s set up right behind the goalpost, so if you’ve got spirit, yes you do, then how about a kickass view?

2. New York Cosmos – James M. Shuart Stadium, Gerald Street/Stadium Road, Uniondale, tickets $15-$95

Despite having seniority in these parts (team was originally started in 1970, but dissolved from 1985-2010), the Cosmos are bit less flashy than the Red Bulls, and their days of hosting Pele are a little less likely now. This is, of course, in part to them saving up to buy themselves a brand-new arena! They currently play out at James M Shuart Stadium, which is an LIRR and shuttle bus ride (so, far) away, and a very good reason to make friends with car owners. The new arena wouldn’t entirely fix the problem, but it will be out in Queens Village, just behind Jamaica, which is at least a step in the right direction. If all goes as planned, they’ll have the new stadium running by autumn of 2015, just in time for you to go full hooligan and wreck the whole place.

3. New York City Football Club – Yankee Stadium, The Bronx, tickets $25-$250

Because New York City does delivery, not take-out, the idea of having to head out to New Jersey or Long Island for soccer just isn’t going to fly. So, the city is preparing to welcome the MLS’s 20th franchise, the New York City Football Club! These guys are going to be setting up shop in Yankees Stadium come the 2015 MLS season, making them by far the easiest commute on the list, and the least minivan-riddled. They’ve already got their own fan club, the Third Rail, and are showing all of the signs that soon New York will have yet another team to hate/love/riot for.

4. Brooklyn College Bulldogs, Brooklyn College Field, 2900 Bedford Avenue, Flatbush, tickets – FREE

If you are really jonesing for some of that sweet, sweet soccer action, then head up to Brooklyn College Field in Flatbush to check out the Brooklyn College Bulldogs men’s and women’s teams kick at/around the local colleges. The team kick off their season in August, but neither will play home games until September. In true Brokelyn spirit, the tickets are free, so if you want to see either team at home, you can just show up to cheer them on. You already brew your own beer and spell your band’s name in all-caps, it’s time to extend that Brooklyn spirit to the home team.

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    In regards to Red Bull Arena:

    It’s definitely not in “DEEP” New Jersey. Harrison NJ is a quick PATH trip from NY. I went to games there & live in the city — super easy commute. And once you get out of the train, the stadium is right across the street. It’s actually a really nice stadium.

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