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See the creator of the Ghosbusters logo talk design at Pratt on Saturday

You afraid of this ghost? No? Then check out this chat with its creator.

Aside from having awesome gear and the rakish wit of a young-ish Bill Murray, the Ghostbusters had another important factor for success: great #branding. Their logo, a ghost in a “not allowed” circle, says everything you needed to know about the Ghostbusters, namely, that they were anti-ghost. On Saturday, you can hear from the man who made that logo, Michael C. Gross, when he pops in to Pratt on Saturday, September 20 for a FREE talk about design and his career in the humor business. If you are in fact afraid of some ghosts, you’re still allowed to go, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Despite the fact that he made such an iconic image, the Ghostbusters logo won’t be all Michael Gross talks about at Pratt on Saturday at 4pm. It turns out that he was once the art director at National Lampoon’s, was a producer on 11 movies and started a design company that worked with the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, as well as The Muppets. So, Gross will talk about his entire career, and how he’s managed to jump between mediums, and possibly even explain that you can do it too, if you try. And if you have otherworldly talent and imagination. Hmm…maybe you can’t do it too?

Still, it couldn’t hurt to see a legend like this sit down and talk with Pratt’s film/video chair Jorge Oliver. Especially because according to the press release announcing the event, Gross has terminal cancer, so it could be one of your last chances to ask him any questions you might have about the Ghostbusters logo. We’re sure you have some.

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