The secret to seeing all kinds of NYC shows for free

See how much fun they're having? Photo by Martin Fish.
See how much fun they’re having? Photo by Martin Fish.

Tired of being an artist in New York who can’t see art? Is that Netflix account finally not cutting it? Want to have access to theaters, comedy clubs, concert venues, sports stadiums, and expo centers without having to sacrifice groceries and a liver?

Here’s how: become a seat filler.

Play-by-Play is a seat filling service (or “papering” service as they say in the biz) that helps venues fill unsold seats. When a big show hasn’t sold out and needs bodies in seats, guess what? You could be that body.

It costs just $99 a year (plus processing) for a Play-by-Play membership, which gets you up to two free tickets to an unlimited number of events including, Broadway, Off-Broadway, sports, concerts and comedy shows — all those things you want to see but can’t always swing.

Tickets are complimentary plus a $4.50 processing fee per show. Bottom line: for just $4.50, you could be sitting in a Broadway seat next to someone who paid $450! (Try not to gloat too much, in fact, don’t gloat at all, like Fight Club, the #1 rule with Play-by-Play is that it stays a secret at the venue — no one else should know that there are folks who got their tickets for nothing.)

Join now and you’ll automatically get two free Broadway tickets* to one of two TONY-nominated musicals. (Total value $258!) Fill out this form and a Play-by-Play representative will reach out. Your weekends are about to get a lot more interesting.

* Tickets are for dates through June 7 and subject to availability, so get on it!

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