Scrabble players, cheat for a good cause

scrabbleLove Scrabble but hate waiting half the game to put together that perfect seven-letter, 81-point triple-word score? Well, screw the rulebook—buy the missing ‘U’ to your ‘Q,’ and feel good about it. 826NYC, a nonprofit that promotes creative writing skills for students of all ages, is holding its third annual Scrabble for Cheaters tournament Saturday, Mar. 6. It works like this: Sign yourself and a partner up for the tourney, raise money for your team (and the worthy educational cause) and on the day of tournament, take whatever you’ve raised and buy your cheats for the game(s) ahead. Raise $25, swap an unwanted tile; rake in $500 and invent your own word.

And there are a slew of short cuts for amounts in-between. It’s the ultimate liberation from the dictionary-clinging tyranny of English majors and Scrabble pros everywhere. The more fund-raising, the more cheating. Sign up here for the noon event, or if you’re shy, pledge support to existing teams here.

826NYC, 372 Fifth Ave. between 5th St. and 6th St., 718-499-9884

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