Schumer fave: a bike ride and a Carmine’s salami sandwich

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This is sorta fun: Senator Chuck Schumer has a new Huffington Post blog (though a lot of HuffPo’s blogs seem to be one-offs) about bicycling through Brooklyn:

Without a doubt, the best bike routes have great food at the end. I like to go from my house in Park Slope to Breezy Point, on the Rockaway Peninsula, to find Kennedy’s, a restaurant right on the beach with a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline. Sometimes I head out through Sunset Park, with its world class Latin food, en route to Bay Ridge and the sublime Shore Road Bike Path, when my reward awaits at Gino’s on Fifth Avenue.

I love heading toward Williamsburg, up the Eastern Parkway bike path, through Bedford-Stuyvesant, eventually ending up at Carmine’s on Graham Avenue. There is nothing better than a Genoa salami hero after an afternoon on a bike!

Well, actually there is, but Carmine’s (346 Graham Ave. at Metropolitan, 718-782-9659) only sells Bud and Bud Light. Genoa salami heroes there start at $5.50, depending upon what you want on it. But are Carmine’s salami sandwiches really the best in Brooklyn? Anyone else tried ’em?

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