Say goodbye to summer with one last So So Glos-fronted Beach Bazaar party

Before the sepia-toned nostalgia, get one last party in. via Facebook
Before the sepia-toned nostalgia, get one last party in. via Facebook

Even summer warriors like us had to finally admit that fall is here and it’s time to stop living at the beach every weekend. Or actually, adopt that attitude next weekend, when it’s October. This weekend though, the Beach Bazaar is still at Jacob Riis Park, and they’re closing things down with everyone’s favorite band of Mets fans, the So So Glos. Maybe they’ll cover “Lets’s Go Mets” if the Metropolitans do indeed clinch the division this weekend.

What’s a better way to flip the changing of the seasons the bird than by sitting in the sand, eating some fried chicken from a waffle cone and some ice cream also from a cone and drinking some beers without a roof over your head? There isn’t a better way, is the answer. Remember, this is it, no more beachside shopping or eating or music for months after cold, drearThis trip will require a bit more effort than usual since there’s no Beach Bus running there, but hey, if you’re a true believer in the summer, you can ride the Q35 or your bike down to Riis for one last party.

Plus, it’s definitely worth it, because while a So So Glos show is always something worth going to, a free So So Glos show is worth it to the point where it almost feels like you’re the one getting paid. Everything starts Sunday at 1pm, so get there early. Not to beat the crowds but to revel in every last drop of summer you’re gonna get until May.

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