Save money by learning how to market your band yourself, at the Knitting Factory

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Learn something, and then check out Amerigo-Go

So here’s a tough fact of life: even if you and your bandmates are basically Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Holly reincarnated, you’re still not going to get anywhere unless you know how to market yourself. Hey, this is the time we live in, everyone’s expected to drag themselves through the social media wilderness. Fortunately for you, the Knitting Factory is hosting a networking event and panel discussion on how to market yourself through social media on Monday.

Even if you’re rolling your eyes and saying to yourself “It’s about the music, jerk,” you should still go. Why? Think of it as a great way to save money on your band. If you don’t pay someone to do your social media and marketing, and do it yourself, that’s more money for you to spend on drugs and beer sweet guitars. Yeah, got you thinking now, huh? And even if you don’t necessarily learn anything that changes your life, there’s also going to be a show in the middle of the whole thing, featuring Wicked Willy, Tony and Amerig-Go. But you probably will learn something useful.

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There will be two meetings in Brooklyn, one in East Williamsburg and the other in Williamsburg proper.


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