Save money by Dumpster diving in your own home

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Waste? Not!

It’s chips and guacamole night at your house; Do you know where your moisturizer is? Well mine was already in the trash, before I learned the power of the scrap. Yup, according to the blog, not only can your used avocado peels provide a great moisturizer, but your morning coffee grounds will scrub away your end-of-day grime. The article offers a handy guide to using food scraps a second — or third — time that could allow the trashiest Brokester to save bushels on everything from garden fertilizer and feed (egg shells and tea leaves!), cleaning agents (lemon halves!), deodorizer (more tea bags!) and vegetable stock (cheese rinds!).

Besides smooth Shrek skin, your food scraps can also aid your quest for cleaner carpets, puff-free undereyes, not to mention boozy action in sauces and dressings, courtesy of the last drops of wine you chose not to suck out of the bottle for fear of looking, well, trashy. Check the full list here.

Resurrecting trash is definitely nothing new, but it’s nice to know there’s another method that doesn’t require us to be face down in some strange dumpster’s junk. They say the trash is always better on the side of the street. But we know there’s no bin like home’s.

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