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Saturday, a free SOB serenade in Fort Greene Park

Not a member of the SOB. Photo by Mike Barwood.
Not a member of the SOB. Photo by Mike Barwood.

You’ve got to hand it to a cultural institutional that embraces an acronym like that. We mean the String Orchestra of Brooklyn, of course. The Brooklyn Heights-based orchestra is playing a free concert this Saturday evening, Jul. 31, in Fort Greene Park. It’s the group’s first ever free outdoor concert (a departure from their usual $10 affairs), and they’re celebrating with two crowd-pleasing biggies: Beethoven’s Egmont Overture and Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8.

If you passed on the New York Phil. in Prospect a couple of weeks ago because of the throngs, cordoned-off seating areas and distant views, this might be the plain and simple classical-in-the-park you were hoping for. The group won’t even be amplified (so that also means get there early to sit close). Bows up at 6 p.m., by the monument on the Myrtle Avenue side of the park.

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  1. The orchestra’s acronym prompts us to ask whether any Brokelyn readers know of any other “special” abbreviations for cultural institutions. Is there, for example, a Cincinnati Region Arts Program?

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