A summer salute to hip hop, and 15 other free ways to spend your week

We hope you recreate this outfit for the show.
We hope you recreate this outfit for the show

1. Evidence, A Dance Company blends traditional African dance with modern choreography and spoken word. Take a free class with them, and ask for advice on that interpretive dance-poem you’ve been working on. (Monday)

2. Help drop a(n issue of) bomb (magazine) for the summer at this launch party at Greenlight. (Monday)

3. Free skee-ball and Genesee beer at the Brewskee-Ball Kickoff Jamboree. (Monday)

4. Diego Cupolo, the author of a book focused on the some of the most neglected voices in the Syrian War–those of the refugees themselves, talks about their stories at WORD with writer Rahawa Haile. (Tuesday)

5. Bullshit History lets you finally earn recognition for the crap you’re been spewing all these years. (Tuesday)

6. Refine your wining techniques at this Caribbean dance fitness class, because Labor Day is coming. (Wednesday)

7. Ariel Schrag discusses her novel ADAM, about an awkward small-town teenage boy navigating a New York lesbian subculture. (Wednesday)

8. Salute Hip Hop at SummerStage along with Chub Roc, Dana Dane and more by showing off the moves you’ve been practicing in the mirror. (Wednesday)

9. Contra dance with the Ebony Hillbillies at Plaza Swing at the Brooklyn Public Library. (Wednesday)

10. Photographer Randy Duchaine discusses his exhibit on Brooklyn food growers, along with the growers featured in his series.  (Wednesday)

11. The National show at Prospect Park is a Celebrate Brooklyn benefit, but we’ve got your guide on the best places to sit outside and listen for free. (Wednesday)

12. Learn about 19th-century African American piano virtuoso Blind Tom, then hear his music performed live. (Thursday)

13. R&B singer Algebra is performing at Herbert Von King Park. Don’t worry, she won’t test you on the math you forgot after high school. (Thursday)

14. BAMcinemaFest 2014 celebrates Les Blank with three of his documentaries on off-beat Americana. (Thursday)

15. Embrace the awkwardness at DanDillLions 13 Hawkwardly Hilarious at Red Star Bar. (Friday)

16. Storytelling night “So What Happened Was…” is throwing caution to the wind and just telling a bunch of stories about drugs. No narcs. (Friday)

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