Find out who killed Laura Palmer at free ‘Twin Peaks’ screenings Sundays at The Saint Catherine

twin peaks saint catherine
Investigating a murder is very serious business. Also very, very weird business.

It’s August, and all of your richer friends are leaving town for vacations to here there and everywhere. Not you, you’re poor. You can still travel, sort of though. You can travel to small, simple town full of mountain air, where the locals are involved in shady casino operations and the homecoming queen is found murdered, her body wrapped in plastic. We don’t know why you’d want to go there, but you can visit the town of Twin Peaks, Washington, when The Saint Catherine (660 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights) starts screening the eponymous show episode by episode on Sundays, starting with this Sunday, August 3.

If you’ve seen every episode of Twin Peaks, don’t go there and spoil it, according to an email we got from the bar, they haven’t seen it yet, and we know how motherfuckers around here just¬†love this show.¬†Starting on Sunday, August 3 at 9pm, the Saint Catherine will be screening one episode per week of David Lynch’s murder mystery full of coffee, pie, welcoming yet strangely aloof locals and weeping Ray Wise. We’d make more jokes about the show, but we actually never made it past the 8th episode.

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