Running Late is celebrating three years with a free show Thursday

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Three years of sitting at a desk with his initials on it. via Facebook

Think about the things that you’ve done for three years straight. Not too many things come to mind, beyond “staying employed”do they? No, because commitment to anything is terrible and we fickle millennials run from any use of the c-word. We gotta hand it to Scott Rogowsky then, because tomorrow, Thursday October 30, he’s celebrating doing three years of Running Late with Scott Rogoswky, which in terms of talk shows means that he lasted longer than when Conan had The Tonight Show. We’ve also gotta hand it to him because instead of charging a premium, Scott is throwing open the doors and making this a free show, and everyone knows laughter is better when it’s free.

If you’ve been meaning to check out Running Late, you really should tomorrow, because beyond being free, there’s quite a lineup. He’s got Dale Seever of the fake but also real and also WEIRD Dale Radio podcast as a guest sidekick, Joe Garden of The Onion will be there as a guest to maybe explain that you really should stop sending them your submissions, commercial actor Dave Klasko will take you Inside the Commercial Actor’s Studio, and the Lucas Brothers will be there to be funny too. Hopefully they’ll share their theory on how Michael Jordan recruited Charles Barkley for Space Jam, because it makes a ton of sense.

All that stuff for free, and Scott is promising/threatening that he’s gonna be dressed up as Slutty Jay Leno. Will that costume cause actual blindness in the audience? Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s head down to Littlefield at 8pm. After all, if everyone goes blind, no one will be able to tweet about it.

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