How much Bike Share will cost, and how to get a station near you

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Looks like Atlantic Terminal is getting a bike rack.

Things are swinging  over at the NYC Bike Share, which is supposed to launch this summer. So what do we know so far? Here’s what:

• The exact pricing scheme hasn’t been determined, but here’s the latest from the DOT: “an annual membership will cost $60-95, weekly passes will be $20-25 and a 24-hr pass will be $5-10. Membership entitles you to an unlimited number of free short trips (probably 30 minutes). For trips longer than the free period, you pay a small usage fee, $1-2. But don’t worry; you can always dock the bike at any station and start a new free trip.” Here are more Bike Share FAQs.

• Apparently they’re still figuring out where to put the 600 stations, and they’re asking for public input. Not the kind where you go to a forum and yell at everyone, but where you pin locations onto a Google map then tell everyone on Facebook. It’s kind of fun even — put in your station requests here [link fixed].

• They’ve picked out the bikes, which you can get a gander at here.

• They’re hiring! The Bike Share is looking for a customer service director to be part of the launch team. This person will be co-writing the Bike Share rules and policies and identifying a vendor for the call center (finally, that trip to Bangalore!), with the aim of “creating positive customer interactions 100% of the time.” Remember that there will be 10,000 bikes at 600 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and who knows how many flat tires, spoogy handlebars, gunked up chains and fist fights over the last bike in the rack, so you’ll need to be part diplomat and part badass, along with possessing a whole suite of managerial skills. Find out more about the job in the Brokelyn classifieds.

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