Free tattoos, booze from Sailor Jerry on Saturday

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Drink and ink.

You have to hand it to Sailor Jerry: Where other alcohols try to lasso your brand loyalty by offering a night or two of free drinks, the nautical rum company goes for the lifetime loyalty by offering free tattoos. They’re back in Brooklyn this Saturday, offering free Sailor Jerry tattoos at a “pop-up tattoo shop” held at Public Assembly, done by actual tattoo artists from Three Kings, and not just that sketchy guy behind the bar with a paperclip and shaky hands.

The PR rep for the company tells us they’re going to have a dartboard of Sailor Jerry’s famous naval tattoo designs, and whatever image your dart lands on is what you have to get. But as a reward, you get some free rum afterwards. 

UPDATE:  the dart board will have five designs: Anchor, Swallow, Sailor Girl, Dice and Panther.

The party at Public Assembly is part of a free Sailor Jerry and BrooklynVegan unofficial CMJ party. The lineups have yet to be announced (hmm…), but the tattoos will be available first-come, first-served from 12pm-6pm on Saturday.

Artists Matty No Times and Jeremy Sutton from Three Kings Tattoo Parlor will be doing the art. Free tattoos, free drinks: get it all in now before Mitt Romney’s America takes it away, kids.

Public Assembly is at 70 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg.

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