Roller derby, free movies coming to 50 Kent this summer

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Coming soon to Kent Avenue: Terror on Rollerskates! via Facebook

If you remember a couple of weeks ago (and we don’t blame you if you can’t), you’ll remember that desultory empty lot Williamsburg Park was rebranded as 50 Kent, and is hosting both Beirut and the War on Drugs. And the park will be even more exciting this year, as it turns out it’s gonna host everything from roller derbies to a Brooklyn Flea outpost to outdoor movies. Maybe this whole “naming a venue the address” thing actually works.

The Open Space Alliance announced all the good stuff with a press release, that, while not going into a specific schedule, did at least tease what was coming to the park. The events this summer include outdoor movies from Nitehawk Cinema, a flea market every Sunday courtesy of the Brooklyn Flea, a community bike education center teaching bike skills run by Bike New York, a monthly pop-up roller rink from Gotham Girls Roller Derby and a weekend craft market in September from Renegade Craft Fair.

It’s certainly a turnaround for the park as compared to last year’s offerings, and sounds like a much better use of the space than asking people to shell out for Sublime with Rome tickets. The only way it could be better, actually, is if the Gotham Roller Derby girls got to clothesline Sublime with Rome for two hours. We’d buy tickets to that.

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