Rockaway beaches are getting a wave of free wifi

These people are all just logged in to Facebook on their phones now. via Flickr user traxus4420

There’s nothing in the world (nothing) more frustrating than being outdoors, seeing a funny thing happening and then being unable to tweet about it because your 3G network is on the fritz. Fortunately for beachgoers in the Rockaways this summer, that won’t be an issue, because free wifi is coming their way. Just in time, look at that guy getting chased by a crab! #summerfail #LOL

Nestled in this DNA Info story about the boardwalk rebuilding down there, was the news that Beach 9th through 12th, Beach 73rd, Beach 86th, Beach 97th, Beach 106th and Beach 116th Streets would all be snagging some free wifi this summer. Thus a new location is added to Downtown Brooklyn, the subway and parks around Brooklyn on the list of places to go do business when you just don’t feel like paying your internet bill for a month.

Oh, and don’t forget that Rippers is on Beach 86th, so you can Instagram your cheeseburger faster now. We don’t know why you’d do that, it’s a good cheeseburger and all, but still. It’s just a cheeseburger.

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