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There’s free wifi in the subway, here’s where you can find it

Free WiFi Stations in NYC
Useful to Brooklynites? Only if your soul belongs to Midtown

If you’re one of the schlubs like me who has to take the train into Midtown for work, then you have probably seen these janky blue cardboard signs pasted onto various subway entrances advertising free wifi at the station. No, this isn’t some kind of crude underground (har har) art experiment. There really is free wifi at these stations, thanks to Governor Cuomo and something called HT CONE. Can’t keep track of where all the stations are? There’s a handy map now.

Tip of the hat to WNYC for making the handy map. They’re mostly in Midtown, so sorry Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, lower Manhattan, the Upper East Side, Harlem…you get the idea. At least now while you’re waiting like cattle for your uptown 1 train to take you to your windowless cubicle, you can check your e-mail or look at porn other important work documents while you try to ignore the jerk behind you FaceTime-fighting with his girlfriend at another station. And for you freelancers out there, if all your money is going to your $1,700 rent and you can’t afford coffee a beer, you can now set up shop underground with all the sights and smells the MTA has to offer. Ah, progress!


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