RIP MetroCards

While we’re still living in this current Black Mirror episode known as crappy subway service, the MTA is upgrading its technology a bit. For Brokesters who frequent the 4/5/6 lines (and the Staten Island bus riders), the MTA plans to implement a new fare system without MetroCards.

For those of you who are excited or anxious, the contactless system won’t be put in place until 2019 and it’ll only affect specific stops on the 4/5/6 lines. Straphangers will be able to pay for rides via a mobile wallet or a bank card. No more swiping required. (Maybe we can also do away with dating-app swiping by 2019, too).

However by May 2019, the MTA plans to install new far collection machines at every stop between Grand Central and Atlantic Terminal. Also, in May, all Staten Island local and express bus lines should have new collection machines as well.

In other news, you could sell those mint David Bowie MetroCards for a pretty penny next year.

[H/t via Curbed New York]

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