Rib sticking good, minus the ribs: vegan comfort food spots

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Looks can be deceiving: tofu, not eggs, from Champs. via Flickr user M_tohappyvegans

With the days getting shorter and (allegedly) colder, heavier fare is in order. Ya know, food that makes you feel warm, full and loved, grandma-style. It can be tough following your dreams during winter, so sometimes you need food that makes you forget that you spend most of your check on rent or have 5 roommates (4 human, one mouse). Fortunately, Brooklyn’s culinary delights don’t stop at the exclusion of dairy, meat and other animal by-products. Finding (reasonably priced) vegan comfort food can be a big help when things seem dark. This stuff is the real deal, so we’ll won’t warn you: any of these places could set off a post-food coma just as heavy as their non-vegan competition.    

Champs Family Bakery
176 Ainsle Street, Williamsburg

Serving vegan diner food like burgers, breakfast and banh mi chay, building your own burgers starts at $6.50. “Even my omnivore boyfriend asks to go there,” an amazed friend told me. For a meal that will make you’ll feel like home is just a heart attack away try the Philly Cheesesteak ($9).

743 Nostrand Avenue, Crown Heights
This place pegs itself as a “health food and vegan restaurant.” They serve West Indian (soy oxtail) and soul food (soy fish cakes), all vegan. If you want to just stick to their sides, you can grab three for $6  or 5 for $10, but I don’t don’t try that alone, the portions are huge. You will not be disappointed if you try the ribs, the veggie patties or fish cakes. Did I mention you get a godly amount of three sides for $6?

Rosamunde Sausage Grill
285 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg
With a name like Sausage Grill you might not expect any vegan options, but luckily you would be wrong. They offer a vegan apple sage, Italian and kielbasa sausage (all $8). Try them with a side of vegan german baked beans ($4).

Heart-stopping goodness for those with a heart
Heart-stopping goodness for those with a heart

Clementine Bakery 
299 Greene Ave, Fort Greene
All of the pastries and sandwiches from cupcakes to Tempeh Reuben are vegan and organic. Try a cinnamon roll after inhaling a good old fashioned BLT with a vegan twist- the BLAT sandwich (tempeh bacon, lettuce, avocado).

Brooklyn MAC
77 Norman Ave (Greenpoint), 173 Montrose Ave (East Williamsburg)
As delicious, fast and easy as mac and cheese in the blue box was in college, try an even better version at Brooklyn MAC whose menu revolves around the staple. The Bushwick, a mac and cheese creation with pico de gallo, Daiya mozzarella and chipotle sauce is mighty good. The smallest serving is $7.50 ($6.50 + $1.00 for vegan).

The vegan pop-up shop at Pine Box Rock Shop
The vegan pop-up shop at Pine Box Rock Shop

Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan Street, Bushwick

If alcohol isn’t a comfort I don’t know what is, but it’s usually made with animal by-products like gelatin, and carmine (crushed beetles). So find vegan solace in this former casket factory where all the drinks are vegan including “cruelty free Car Bombs.” They also serve empanadas from The V spot and are the happy hosts of a vegan pop-up shop, which is around for one more weekend, this coming Saturday.

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  1. “If alcohol isn’t a comfort I don’t know what is, but it’s usually made with animal by-products like gelatin, and carmine (crushed beetles). ”

  2. Rosamunde’s vegan baked beans are only $3.25, not $4. Come in soon – the grill is fired up and ready for you!

  3. I love V Spot! The empanadas are insane (especially the Philly Cheese “Steak”); everything on the menu is delicious, though. Alex and Danny, the owners, are really awesome, too – so talented and hilarious. I love free stand-up night the 1st Thursday of every month.

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