Revive your inner child at Chinatown Fair with a Groupon

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It’s calling to you… photo via Facebook

Along with “eating all the sugared cereal I want,” playing video games all day without anyone telling you to go outside is one of the more popular fantasies about getting older and being independent, when you’re, say, eight. The problem with that one though is that video games are expensive. If only there was some way to make them cheaper… Oh wait, here’s one: a Groupon for $30 worth of credit for $15 at Chinatown Fair arcade. That was easy.

Chinatown Fair is a revived arcade in Chinatown (duh) that used to offer not just arcade cabinets but chickens that would play you in Tic-Tac-Toe. The chicken are unfortunately gone, but the arcade games remain, a mix of fighting games like the most recent versions Tekken and Marvel vs. Capcom and less punchy entertainment like Guitar Hero and air hockey. And sure it’s in Manhattan, but it’s so close to the Brooklyn Bridge you can walk back to Brooklyn when you’re done with your game of Dance Dance Revolution. Just don’t do it immediately after if you get all sweaty. It’s cold out there.

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  1. WTF, Groupon? How do I not get an email for this but I get 10 a day for steak dinners? Your preferences are about to get a beatdown.

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