Revive the 90s and 7 other ways to pass the Christmas weekend

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Vast Aire, formerly of Cannibal Ox, hits Public Assembly this weekend

1. It’s a very spiritual time of year, so balance it out with the comedy of For Science! (Friday)

2. One of the only good things about the 90s was the hip hop, so enjoy this 90s hip hop revival show that benefits Sandy victims and is thankfully not presented in Buzzfeed listicle form (Friday)

3. Red Hook’s The Good Fork has rebuilt enough to have a party celebrating their rebirth, so check it out (Saturday)

4. New Year’s is very important, so hit up this New Year’s pre-game party to make sure you’re in shape. Party shape (Saturday)

5. Dress down to get down at the Bell House (Saturday)

6. Head to the middle school dance party to show the world you’re not the gangly, awkward presence you were in middle school. You’re that with a beard (Saturday)

7. Obsolete Cinema invites you to Freddy’s for a backstage look at rock and roll (Sunday)

8. Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction: finally you ca

n hang with some people who’ll appreciate your stories of Cloud, Sephiroth and the love that dare not speaks its name (Sunday)

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