Restaurant Week doesn’t care about Brooklyn people

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Brooklyn is apparently the Bane of Restaurant Week’s existence. Photo via Vinnie’s Pizza.

As we well know by now, Brooklyn has no restaurants whatsoever and the food scene here is completely dead and in no way one of our borough’s more defining characteristics. Or so you would think by checking the listings for this summer’s NYC Restaurant Week, which again overlooks Brooklyn’s copious restaurant offerings. Only two restaurants are on this list this year: Benchmark in Park Slope and The Greenhouse Cafe in Bay Ridge. For the uninitiated, Restaurant Week is where eateries offer up prix fixe sampling menus: $24.07 for lunch and $35 for dinner, which is allegedly a deal. It runs from July 16-Aug. 10

This is becoming par for the course for Restaurant Week, which means you have to wait until Dine In Brooklyn in the spring for the borough’s many food offerings to get a chance in the spotlight.

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  1. Having worked at an “events magazine,” restaurant week is based highly on advertising revenue. But I’m a cynic.

  2. Actually, I thought I cared that there were enough Brooklyn restaurants on the list but I don’t . Brooklyn rules and we know it. Many of the restaurants in this great borough have menus price points lower than the standard restaurant week offerings so it won’t make as much sense for them to drink the koolaid, spiking up prices and offering the sub par parts of their menu to the unsuspecting. Brooklyn is better than that!

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