Reminder: MCA Day, Brooklyn’s most important new holiday, starts this weekend

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Last year’s celebration at Littlefield brought fans together from all over the city. Via MCA Day Facebook.

Like Ted Cruz, cancer is a miserable son of a bitch, but unlike Ted Cruz it refuses to go away and stop assaulting our friends, family and public figures and just generally making us sad all the time. Four years ago today, we lost beloved Brooklynite, talented musician and all around Good human being Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys, to cancer. It’s a bummer to remember that cancer is out there lurking in the shadows and could take any of us down at any moment (sorry), but instead let’s focus on the good things: We now have MCA Day, an annual holiday celebrating the life and times of all things MCA, and think about the generally good things about being alive. The second part takes place on Aug. 20. 

MCA Day started in May at MCA Park (the one dedicated to the late musician in 2013) at 27 State St. in Brooklyn Heights. It’s a chill afternoon of sunshine (hopefully), basketball and listening to tunes to help keep MCA’s legacy going. It’s free, runs from noon to 4pm and is open to all ages.

Then, the second part of the event (usually held on the same day) has moved to Aug. 20 at Littlefield in Gowanus. That free event will be a gathering of art, music, dancing and celebrating, with alcohol too. If you want to participate in the event, email [email protected] More info here.

If you can’t make either event, make yourself a brass monkey, which may or may not be the Beastie Boys’ most iconic cocktail.

#TBT to that time the Beastie Boys played a show at the old McCarren Park Pool venue in 2007. We had no idea how good we had it. RIP my dude.

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