PSA: Go to the beach & wear tank tops before you’re dead

When it gets to be the picture on the left, you'll wish you took more advantage of the one on the right.
When it gets to be the picture on the left, you’ll wish you took more advantage of the one on the right.

September is a stalking and devious predator, lurking just off the distance over the horizon, ready to pounce and ensnare you in its constricting flannels, outrageously long pants and infuriatingly pumpkin-spiced things as soon as a cool breeze rolls in. You may be looking at the temperature this past week and think a you would welcome a chill in the air, but your brain is deceiving you. Once the first cold snap tightens its grip around the city you will stretch the gossamer of your memory back to these days, these hot August weekends, and wonder why the foolish dolt that was Past You didn’t take more advantage of them.

Let us take this time to give you this public service announcement: Use these next few weeks to soak up as much beach time as you can and store it in your internal batteries until you need it later. It’s a good time to remember that our friends at the NYC Beach Bus offer the easiest way to get to the beach, without having to worry about train transfers, subway delays or crowded city buses: They’ll take you to the beach for just $15 round trip, and you get a free beer from Sixpoint or Sweetwater and other swag too. Plus, their Boerum Hill pick-up spot is selling homemade ice cream, AND you can now find our summer tank tops there while supplies last! Summer hard now, your future self will thank you. 


Via NYCBeachBus Instagram.
Grab a Brokelyn tank like this guy did at the NYC Beach Bus shop before you hop on the bus! Via NYCBeachBus Instagram.

The Beach Bus picks up in Williamsburg and Union Square several times throughout the weekend, but if you happen to be going to the HQ location at 514 Atlantic Ave., make sure to check out Pink Vanilla Sweets, which is outside the shop most days a week selling homemade ice cream, pops and lemonade.

While you’re there, snag one of our limited-edition Brokelyn summer tank tops: They’re made locally and on sale for just $15! Yours can be a memento of a summer gone by that you can pull out and wear in the dead of winter when your building’s thermostat makes your apartment 1.5 million degrees.

And this is a great weekend to go to the beach too: We’re presenting the Get Summered DJ crew’s party at the Riis Park Beach Bazaar with the awesome experimental Brooklyn hip hop band Band Black Space Odyssey, Ninjasonik, the Get Summered DJ crew and more! (RSVP here). While you’re there, check out the Bazaar’s great food, including pizza from Slice O’Whit (so good you won’t mind the razzing you get from the friendly jerks there), ice cream from Ample Hills, frozen drinks at the bar and much more. The Push has set up a whole new games section this year, with cornhole, ping pong and more, which we also recommend stopping by.

This post brought to you buy the NYC Beach Bus, Get Summered, Riis Park Beach Bazaar and the future version of you that time travelled here to yell at you for not going to the beach enough when you had the chance. Also, Future You said to remember to vote in November. 

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