Relive your summer camp memories (and nightmares) for $5 this Tuesday

Ideally, there won't be any crazed personal trainers in attendance. via Free Stock Illustration
Don’t worry, no one’s going to make you exercise. via Free Stock Illustration

When you turn a certain age or you reach a certain height, it’s too late. It’s too late to get movie ticket discounts, it’s too late to ride inside the tiny spinning bears at a fair, and it’s too late to eat junk food without suffering some physical consequences. But it’s never too late to go back to camp. And if, like me, you spent your formative years at a secular (but pretty Jewish) summer camp, you’re constantly thinking about going back. You can’t remember why you left. You muse about a steamy reunion with the boy/girl you were crushing on.

Well, this is certainly some consolation, both for those who’ve been to camp and those who haven’t: on August 11, the New York Transit Museum is hosting an adults-only summer camp night called Camp Wanna-Catch-A-Train (ha, ha, ha). It’s an after-hours soirée of crafts, games and other mini-adventures, not to mention plenty of socializing with your “bunkmates.” 

Presumably, the Transit Museum is going with a summer camp theme for its AfterHours programming so as to appease all of our transit woes about the sweltering underground this season. In any case, we’re not complaining about this. It sounds like fun! Activities will include button-making, scavenger hunts, a tug-o-war, and obviously a few tours of the museum itself. Play your cards right, and you could even close the night with a good old summer camp makeout session.


Sneak into the cars after dark. No counselors allowed! by Black Paw Photo
Sneak into the cars after dark. No counselors allowed! by Black Paw Photo

Adult-only means 21+. Your ticket to camp includes a beer. And who knows, even the bug juice might be spiked. Brokelyn’s also got the ticket discount hookup: use the code SUMMER5 to score $5 tickets to this thing when you purchase your tickets. It’s free for museum members! The New York Transit Museum is located at Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street, off the Jay Street-Metrotech A/C/F.


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