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Reddit co-founder looking to buy Jay-Z’s Nets share

Is this the new face of the Nets? (via flickr user Scott Beale)
Is this the new face of the Nets? (via flickr user Scott Beale)

Now that Jay-Z’s severing his last, tepid ties to Brooklyn and throwing in the Nets towel, it’s time for someone new to reign over Kings County dwellers as the Lord of the Rusty Turtle Barclays Center. And he might be bringing a few AMAs with him — reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is reportedly in talks to buy Jay-Z’s minority shares, and he’s making his bid on (surprise) reddit.

Ohanian, who helped jumpstart reddit with fellow co-founder Steve Huffman in 2005, lives in Brooklyn Heights and is apparently a Nets season ticketholder; which you’d think would give him ample opportunity to see Joe Johnson toss bricks and therefore think twice about this. He’d also be buying high, unless the price drops when the Nets get blown out of the water by the Bulls in the playoffs.

His qualifications, other than being rich and a season ticket holder? “I’m pretty good with the internet…AMAs from ALL THE PLAYERS. Maybe not Kris,” Ohanian posted on reddit, though we do have a few Kardashian-related questions we wouldn’t mind Humphries addressing. Ohanian left reddit on 2009 and pursued a few other start-up ventures; but the real question is, will he be bringing Beyonce to games too?

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