Reader tip: cut + color for $70 in Windsor Terrace

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For years, I went to Manhattan salons ($150 a pop for a cut and single-process color) until several neighbors on the local Kensington-Windsor Terrace Yahoo Group recommended Hair Care by Yolanda. After nearly two decades of Manhattan salon visits—including that one time in the ’90s when I went for a cheap Upper West Side haircut and ended up with a “Rachel” that was longer on one side—I decided to give it a try. While the outside of the place doesn’t broadcast chic, owner Yolanda did—and continues to do—a fantastic job with my hair, leaving the bob a little longer in the front and artfully stacking it in back. The whole thing cost $70, less than half of what I used to pay. Hair Care by Yolanda, 142 E. 4th Street, Windsor Terrace, 718-437-4270.

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  1. It was…though I think it might be partly because I have short hair. If you have longer hair it’s possible it might be a little more. You’d have to check with them, though. But I was happy!

  2. Joyrich, That side of the Prospect Expressway is Kensington. It’s just over the footbridge from Windsor Terrace. I’ve heard great things about Yolanda and her daughter (who I think is the primary colorist). I’m gonna take a leap.

    • FYI Windsor Terrace is bordered by Prospect Park, Greenwood Cemetery, Caton Avenue and Prospect Park West (9th Avenue).

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